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How to Bet

Harness Racing

Takes place around tracks usually 800 to 1,000 metres in circumference. Horses are harnessed to light two-wheeled “sulkies” on which a driver sits and drives the horse. There are two types of “gait”: trotting and pacing. In a trotting race, the horses’ diagonally opposite feet move at the same time (e.g. right front and left rear).In pacing – a faster gait – the horses move both legs on one side at a time (e.g. right front and rear, then left front and rear).

Fixed Price

UBET Fixed Price gives you betting options on the most popular sports and horse racing in Australia and around the world including NRL, AFL, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Boxing and Baseball. Fixed price racing is available on all South Australian harness races.

Where can I place a bet?

TAB Outlets.
TAB has many outlets throughout Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. These outlets include stand-alone TABs and selected hotels and clubs. For your closest outlet, log onto or see your local White Pages directory.


With an account, you can place your bets online by logging onto TAB’s official website

Account Betting.
You can place your bets over the phone by dialling 13 19 39 and speaking to an operator or by phoning 13 19 32 and placing your bets by using TAB's Automated Account Betting service.

The Automated Account Betting service carries a reward program where customers can earn reward points every time they use the service. For further information, please refer to the Account Betting brochure. You can place a UBET Fixed Price bet at your local TAB, by calling 13 19 35 or through

Smart Phone App

With an account you can place your bets via your Android or iPhone. It is available for download at the app store or at

At the Track

TAB provides wagering services at race tracks throughout Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Any bets placed on-course may be collected off-course at any TAB outlet.

Listening to the races

For serious horsetalk, tune in to RadioTAB from 8am–midnight AEST seven days a week. RadioTAB is more than a radio program. It’s an entire radio station devoted to racing and sport. You’ll hear the insights of racing’s leading lights and most astute observers, plus details of the day’s meetings and trackside race calls.

Watching the races

TAB provides live telecasts of most races in its betting program. Race telecasts are also available on Pay TV.
Reading up on the races.
Queensland: The Courier-Mail
South Australia: The Advertiser
Northern Territory: Northern Territory News
You can buy these publications daily. They provide a wealth of information including racing fields and form.

Where else can I find racing information?

InfoTAB – InfoTAB Terminals can be found in the InfoTAB area at your local TAB. InfoTAB has all TattsBet Tote and Fixed Price betting information at the touch of a button including the latest prices, ratings, form and results.

Internet –

The TAB website provides fields, results, win – place approximates, tips, dividends, expanded form, scratchings and other Tote and Fixed Price information including the racing and sporting calendars and jackpots. Smartphone App - from the App Store or download at

The UBET smart phone app provides UBET TOTE and Fixed Price betting information all on your Android or iPhone.

Results and Scratchings.
Need to find out the daily scratchings and results?
By calling 13 19 49 you will be connected with the automated Infoline Service. The Infoline has all the results and scratchings for the current and past days all by the touch of a button.

Important: Mark your tickets using a solid horizontal stroke. We recommend using a black or blue biro or felt tip pen, not red in colour. Remember to check computer printed details on the back of the ticket.

Please note: the above is only a general guide; TattsBet Limited cannot guarantee the above codes will be used in all circumstances. All customers should check the meeting code on a InfoTAB Unit in offices prior to placing bets.

Mark location and code

(AT) Adelaide Trots.
Select Fixed Price bet here or leave blank for Tote betting.
Mark race number e.g. Race 5.
Mark the bet amount in dollars e.g. $5 win bet and $5 place bet = $10 bet ($5 Each-way). You can bet in multiples of $1 and you can bet different amounts for the win & the place. Mark your selected runner(s). You may mark several runners on the one ticket, provided that the bet amounts are the same for each runner. Now you just put your icket through the TAB computer at the counter and pay, then check the printout on the back of the ticket to confirm that all details are correct. Good Luck!

Mark One Selection Only if Fixed Price BetWin/PlacePunter returns are calculated from pools which average at least 84% of all investments on all bet types over a financial year, and are never less than 75% of investments for any bet type.

Reading your bet

After the bet has been processed through the terminal, details of the transaction will be printed on the back of the ticket. You must check the computer-printed detail on the back of the ticket. Each ticket will have the following details:
Type of Meetings
R Races
T Trots (harness)
G Greyhounds (dogs)
S Overseas (racing)
This means you can place a bet the day prior to the race. Simply mark a horizontal stroke in the pre-sale box in the top half of the ticket.
Race Number
Simply mark the race number you wish to bet on.
Tote or Fixed Price
Select Fixed Price bet here or leave blank for Tote betting.
The amount of money you wish to bet in dollars. Minimum bet is $1.00 for Win/Place.
Fractional Betting
Allows you to decide on the maximum amount you want to spend. The computer works out the actual cost of the bet and what fraction or multiple of the dividend is paid for a winning bet. Minimum bet is $1.00 for a Single, $3.00 for a Multiple or 100% of the dividend, whichever is the lesser amount.
Simply mark the number of the selected runner(s) you wish to bet on.

Checking TAB Results

There are a number of ways to find race results and scratchings: in the newspaper, on InfoTAB terminals in any TAB outlet, by phoning 13 19 49 or via the internet at

Reading Form Guide

There is an extensive number of Form guides available and includes those available at your local TAB, newspaper liftouts, information on the internet and other publications.

Form guides provide detailed information to assist you in making your betting selection.